Nagios Pi Part Two

Since putting Nagios Core on my Pi the other day and getting it to monitor my basic network environment for a start I then looked at the monitoring my Public IP for if it changes.  Almost straight away I found a Python plugin called check_public_ip which does the trick and now Nagios checks the Public IP every hour and alerts if it changes.

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Nagios – Putting My Pi To Good Use !

Nagios – Putting My Pi To Good Use !

As with a lot of people it seems, I’ve had a Raspberry Pi knocking around for ages now which has really been doing anything.

This weekend I decided to start a project to rebuild it with Raspian Buster Lite and turn it in to a monitoring box using Nagios for my home network and maybe even look in to adding temperature and humidity probes at some point.

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FreeNAS – Speeding Up My NFS Datastore For XenServer

FreeNAS – Speeding up my NFS Datastore for XenServer

While using a nested XenServer 7.1 on VMware ESXi 6.5 to test something unrelated I noticed that running sdelete on one of my Gold Image VMs was painfully slow.  Looking on the XenServer performance I could see that the write latency was nearly 100ms to the NFS SR which would explain it being painfully slow on a VM.

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